Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates has 30 years of experience in the field. Our orthodontic practice actively seeks improved dental and orthodontic technology that offers flawless results. Take an in-depth look at the technology we use in our orthodontic office.

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Propel is a collection of advanced pieces of orthodontic technology. Two available product lines enhance the orthodontic experience for improved treatment results.

The VPro is an oral appliance that patients use at home to accelerate tooth movement during alignment treatments. The appliance works together with orthodontic treatments like clear aligners to speed up results by up to 50%.

The Excellerator series of Propel products assist in micro-osteoperforation treatments in the office. These treatment tools improve results for malocclusions like open bite and crowding teeth. This product line can improve tooth movement speed by up to 62%.


The iTero is an intraoral 3D scanner that digitally creates a perfect model of your teeth and gums. The tool is a handheld device that scans every nook and cranny in your oral cavity. This improved dental technology provides patients and their orthodontic care providers with:

  • Highly accurate oral models – no bubbles or troublesome flaws
  • No messy molds – no paste, gel, or dental trays necessary

If you’ve ever had a mold taken of your mouth, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Dental trays don’t always fit your mouth, and the molding gels and mixtures can trigger gag reflexes. These old-school molds can also be inaccurate, which requires you to undergo another molding process.

At Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates, we want our patients to feel comfortable and informed about their treatment goals. iTero improves these factors by using a handheld device to scan and model your current smile. We also use the iTero to project and map out your treatment and results.

Formlabs 3D Printer

The Formlabs 3D printer is an incredibly useful piece of dental technology. This 3D printer can quickly turn the digital model into a physical model of your teeth. The team at Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates can use this tool for multiple orthodontic treatment applications.

In-House Retainers

Our orthodontic office in Forest Hills, NY, combines the technology of the iTero oral scanner and the Formlabs 3D printer to create custom in-house retainers. Our highly trained dental technicians can provide more affordable treatment options by providing this service in our own office.

At Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates, we offer a selection of:

  • Traditional retainers: a removable oral appliance made with plastic and wire that maintains your tooth alignment after using braces or a clear aligner system.
  • Clear aligners: an invisible aligner works like a retainer after reaching your tooth alignment goals.
  • Fixed retainers: a non-removable option that can’t be lost or easily broken like other retainer options.

These oral appliances help keep your teeth in alignment after wearing braces or using another oral alignment tool. Speak with our lead orthodontist, Dr. Mizrahi, to learn more about the best retainer options that will fit your lifestyle and treatment goals.

3D X-Ray

Our advanced 3D X-ray technology improves the accuracy and detail of oral scans. This tool provides critical information to improve orthodontic procedures that include dental implants.

3D X-rays provide a crystal-clear image of your jawbone structure and tooth alignment and include vital information about the nerve pathways and soft tissues surrounding your teeth. This technology advances orthodontic treatments with a fraction of the exposure to X-ray radiation.

At Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates, we use this painless and non-invasive orthodontic technology to better understand your current oral condition and map out your treatment plan in greater detail.

Each of these advancements in orthodontic technology improves every aspect of your orthodontic treatments at the Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates office. Rely on our experienced orthodontists and technicians to help you reach the smile of your dreams.