Are yellow teeth causing your smile to lose its glimmer and charm? If so, brushing alone won’t help. Emanuel Mizrahi, DDS, of Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates, can help you restore your smile with professional teeth whitening.

Read on to learn more about the main causes of yellow teeth and why your toothbrush alone can’t remove them.

Extrinsic and intrinsic tooth stains

Before we explore any further, it’s important to know the two types of tooth stains.

Extrinsic stains

Extrinsic stains cling to your enamel and appear on the surface of your teeth. Soda, coffee, and wine are culprits for causing extrinsic stains.

Although you can get rid of extrinsic stains at home, it’s lengthy and difficult. And you may get new stains as you remove old ones. A quick trip to Forest Hills can get you instant results.

Intrinsic stains

An intrinsic stain occurs beneath your enamel. These stains occur from tooth damage, aging, medications, and fluorosis.

Intrinsic stains need professional treatment. It may take a few whitening treatments, but Dr. Mizrahi can get rid of them.

Aging and yellow teeth

Tooth enamel gradually wears down over time. It’s an unavoidable part of aging.

As your enamel thins, dentin, the layer under your enamel, starts to show through. This results in a yellowish hue because dentin is yellow.

Diet and lifestyle

What you eat and drink can affect the color of your teeth. Certain drinks, like coffee, have heavy staining compounds called chromogens. They have powerful pigments that can stick to your enamel.

Another stain-producing compound is tannin, which is found in tea and wine. Though beneficial in many ways, tannins can make it easier for compounds like chromogens to stain your teeth.

Acidic foods are another cause of yellow teeth. Not only do they erode your enamel, but they also soften it. And softer enamel can stain much easier.

Why brushing does not remove yellow stains

Brushing keeps your teeth clean and strong by removing plaque. But, yellow stains can occur from thinning enamel. A toothbrush can’t restore lost enamel, and it can’t change the color of your dentin either.

If plaque isn’t removed from your teeth, it can harden and turn into tartar, which gives your teeth a yellow tint that won’t go away with brushing. Another issue that can arise from plaque that isn’t removed in a timely manner is the breakdown of enamel itself. Only a professional cleaning from Dr. Mizrahi can remove tartar build-up.

How to get rid of yellow teeth

The best way to get rid of yellow teeth is a professional teeth whitening treatment from Dr. Mizrahi. He can help you feel confident in your smile again.

Want to learn more about our teeth whitening treatment? Give us a call, or set up your free consultation at Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates. We’re located in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.